Administration of the ACMC

ACMC version 3 – 22 items

During the administration of ACMC, the rater observes a myoelectric prosthetic user performing a daily bimanual activity, then rates the user’s capability to control the prosthesis on 22 items in 4 different areas: gripping, holding, releasing and re-adjusting the grip. During the assessment, the person is encouraged to perform the tasks using the prosthetic hand as actively as possible to enable assessment of the capability to operate the prosthetic hand.

Each person’s performance is rated on a 4-point capability scale:

0 – Not capable

1 – Somewhat capable

2 – Generally capable

3 – Extremely capable

The scores are to be entered in the ACMC website to be converted to interval-level linear measures by using the Rasch measurement analysis in the ACMC website.